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The spring edition of Vintage Script is now on sale.

'It’s that time of year when we look forward to joys to come, but, of course, not without first taking a look back in time.

'You cannot have escaped the coverage of the centenary of the Titanic disaster in recent weeks, and we pay homage to the event here—but in ways you might not expect. In Kirsty Lee’s The Unsinkable Rose Ellen Murray we meet a colourful character associated with the Titanic story who certainly had some lively tales to tell. And in 1912 Overture, Kim Charleston remembers another of this year’s centenaries—that of the death of Bram Stoker—with a nod to the Titanic too.

'One of the wonderful pleasures of history is its ability to inspire you to look forward. Reading Max Adam’s The Age Of Wood conjured up delightful images of forthcoming spring walks in ancient woodland. And looking a little further ahead to the summer, The Flying Boy by Edward Clark recalls—in beautiful prose—long hot days spent by the open-air swimming pool.

'There’s work from new writers to enjoy this season—a special hello to Richard Smyth (The Work Is Not God’s), Bill Carr (I Remember Harry Bagnall), Joanne Ogden (Exhibit M.218-1978), Mavis Lee (William’s War) and Claire Fuller (The Witch’s Ladder). And we welcome back old friends David Williams (A Knock At The Door), Sue Mackrell (Chewing Gum) and Michael Montagu (A Stroke Of Luck?).

'And talking of anniversaries, Vintage Script celebrates its first birthday this spring! Thank you to all our writers who have filled our first year with the joy of discovering new (and old) stories, and to our readers for sharing our joy! May we celebrate many more birthdays together.

Emma Louise Oram

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