Duotrope editor interview with Emma Louise Oram, Vintage Script Editor.

    "I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every one of the stories, particularly as so much historical information is imparted at the same time.  What a brilliant idea–to launch a short story magazine with a historical theme. And I must compliment you on the quality of the publication: the thickness and elegance of the cover, the quality of the paper and the editing. I usually find some error of punctuation or spelling in magazines–I had to read leases in my youth to check for errors–but didn’t spot one error in the whole of  Issue 6."
    Pam Eaves

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    "Congratulations for producing such an innovative and entertaining publication. The production is very robust, a handy size and beautifully simple. The jacket also withstands biscuit crumbs, which is a bonus. This publication is great for dipping into the past and escaping the pressures of the present...can't wait for the next one!"
    Kathryn Palmer


    "The magazine is great. I (and everyone I showed it to) thought the design was fantastic and the quality of writing was high throughout."
    Rebecca Muddiman

    "I really, really enjoyed reading Vintage Script and thought it was a beautifully-produced publication. The typeface and paper were just right and it is lovely to hold in your hand. I was impressed by the breadth of material and I was taken with the fact that fiction mixed with non-fiction - it gave an appealing all-round feel - but with the strong unifying historical theme."
    Deborah Fielding

    "It is more than a magazine, a wonderful holiday read, a mini book."
    Susan Johnson

    "Vintage Script is a thing of beauty. Simple, elegant, and classy on the outside, with page after page of compelling, lovingly crafted historical prose on the inside. The magazine is an absolute must for anyone interested in everything and anything retro, vintage or historical."
    Mr Writer
    Editor of @thebleedmag

    The Bleed magazine

    "I was really impressed with the quality-my overall impression was that it was an elegant book-like magazine, a pleasure to hold and read without distracing layouts and nonsense."
    Sarah Morton